Board Reboot with Gc864 quad V2

3 thoughts on “Board Reboot with Gc864 quad V2

  1. Hi,

    I have a board that was projected with the GE863, now I have put on it the new GC864 V2.


    And some of strange succeeded: some times, when the modem will register itself on the network, my board will reboot. With the GE863 this wasn’t succeded, never.


    The difference between are only:

    GE864 vs GE863

    GSM Antenna on the GC module vs GSM Antenna directly on the board



    I have just bought 500 modem, and I hope to use them !


    Please help me.




      1. Is usually a sign of power supply problems, check it.

        Ok I think that my board have some trouble, but I don’t understand why these trouble aren’t present with GE863 module ?