Bit-stuffing protocol on M-one

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  1. Hi All


    I am currently writing some interfacing for the Tiny-One modules with the mesh stack.


    In the protocol document, there is mention of a “new” bit-stuffing protocol that is used on the serial interface. My modules (Version  DV.M0A.03.124) does not seem to respond when using this protocol, however it responds perfectly fine with the “old” serial protcol [cmd][recp.][data]


    Do i have to do anything special to get the module switched over to the new protocol?


    1. Hi,
      consider that feature you mentioned is available on new Low power mesh
      protocol stack available on latest FW version and new products (like
      NE50-868). Not for older Tiny One modules.

      1. ok, to clarify, is it my firmware that is old, or the TinyOne line of products is old?


        Is there a replacement module that can do 500mW radio?


        The document where this protocol is mentioned is "Telit M-ONE Protocol stack User Guide r4". It specifically says that it is related to the Tiny-One products (in fact, only the Tiny-One products) and mentions the bit-stuffing protocol.


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        1. Hi 
          sorry for my misunderstanding…
          Since you have all in one SW…..

          Starting from the 3.11 All In One version it is
          possible to set this register with value 255 in
          order to enable the new serial protocol….
          you can following behaviour as below:

          consider that You have to enable bit stuffing via S214=255 register and
          than you have to perform bit stuffing, in receiving you have to perform
          Destuffing algoritm