Biquad Filters

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  1. There is the command AT#BIQUADIN=[…] which allows to setup the coefficients of the embedded biquadrat filters. The command AT#BIQUADIN=? as written in the documment, "Test command returns the supported range of values for parameters <aF0>,
    <aF1>, <aF2>, <bF1>, <bF2>, <aS0>, <aS1>, <aS2>, <bS1>, <bS2>"

    The question is for this "supported range". What is the restriction? Or Do I have a full freedom to set these coefficients as I need in?

    1. Hi Micael,


      you are free to set up all the parameters inside the valid range.

      Of course this menas you must have an idea of the new bode diagram you are setting.

      1. What is "valid range"?
        If valid range is from our design constrains (to hold filter stable), it is what I need in.
        I wish to implement selective filter using this feature. Can I do this?

        1. "valid range" is as per AT#BIQUAD=? reply.

          Inside this range you are free to set up all the value you need.

          Since it is a two oreder biquad hte selective filters will have not a real high Q so bode diagramm will be not very much selective.