Best settings for CGQREQ and CGQMIN

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  1. Hi,

    What are the best values for AT+CGQREQ and AT+CGQMIN to establish a trustable connection, but that can connect without much delay ?


    I’m sending some files to a FTP server, and sometimes files are sent incomplete.


    Also sometimes connections can’t be established, and i have to keep retrying.


    What’s the best to avoid these issues ?


    Here are my settings:



      AT#AUTOATT=0                    // disables GPRS auto-attach
        AT+CGATT=0                    // Detach GPRS Service

        AT+CGQMIN=1,0,0,0,0,0        // Minimum Quality of the Service Requested
        AT+CGQREQ=1,0,0,3,0,0        // Requested Quality of the Service
        AT#SCFG=1,1,300,30,200,50    // Socket Configuration
                                                    // ConID = 1, cid = 1, MinpktSize = default (300), ExchangeTimeout = 30s, ConnectionTimeout = 200 (20s), TxTimeout = 50 (5s)
        AT#SKIPESC=1                    // Don’t send scape sequence +++
        AT#FTPTO=300                    // Set FTP TimeOut to 30 seconds (minimum)
        AT#CACHEDNS=1                // Enable DNS caching


    1. There are some suggestions for CGQMIN and CGQREQ in the Software User Guide doc. But in first place, do you have a good trusty network, good signal?

      Incomplete files, are you using flow control on serial port?

  2. Yes, i have a good network signal ~70 dBm,  no i’m not using flow control.


    If i send a 1k file for example, sometimes only 300 bytes of it (1 packet) is sent. no error is given


    Is there a way to know if the CGQMIN parameter is too high for my network or if it’s making a connection impossible to be established ? I ask because i want to increase the min parameters to see if i get rid of this problem.

      1. Ok, i fixed the problem by setting CGQMIN to a higher value




        Now the data is full sent everytime. No more dropped packets.


        CGQREQ is set to: