Best Practices Regarding Python Script Compilation

3 thoughts on “Best Practices Regarding Python Script Compilation

  1. Hi Support,

    I bought a GM862-GPS and  I would like to know what are the best way of compiling a python script, because, I know I can compile it inside my modem or only sent the compiled code.

    I am asking it because some function in the GPS class are dummy in the PythonWin lib(for example GPS.getPosition() ), and I dont know if classes like time are implemented inside de GM862-GPS.

    Thanks in Advance,

    Andre Mariano

    1. There is no choice: once you reach the point where you start using module specific functions all the debug and testing must be done with code running on it. The best way in terms of procedures speed is to write the code with a debug system in place, simple prints or anything else appropriate, compile on PC, with an eye at errors and warnings, upload application and go on with testing.