Behavior of automatic network selection between 2G and 3G

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  1. If a HE910 module is configured with auto band selection (AT # AUTOBND = 2), automatic operator selection (AT + COPS = 0) and 3GPP Wireless Network Systems (both GERAN and UTRAN) (AT + WS46 = 25). And this module is in a location that has 2G and 3G availables. But if the quality and signal strength of the 3G network is poor compared to 2G network and the module connects to the 3G network, but due to the instability of this network the module is disconnected and reconnected multiple times to the 3G network.

    The module has a validation to which type of network to connect in function to the power signal? or the module by default connects to 3G if both networks are availables?. That is, in case if the 3G has a signal quality equals to 8, AT + CSQ = 8 (-96 to -97 dBm), if it is frequently disconnect and there is a 2G network with better quality, the module selects the best network (with better quality) or prefer the 3G network? It is possible to change the low level of 3G signal to switch to 2G?

    If the module always prefer the 3G network and I need that the modem connect to the network with better signal quality, the only option is manually perform a Network Survey and switch to better network?.
    With what commands the module only use 2G networks?

    1. Hello,

      I understand it could seems to be not so good, but a device (module or mobile ) when registered on 3G keeps being registered even if a 2G better quality cell has found

      If you need to manage this you have to monitor CSQ quality and manually switch to the best cell.