Band of operation and Quad band start up

3 thoughts on “Band of operation and Quad band start up

  1. hello,


    I just got my quad band and GPS module and I am having problems undestanding what is going on.

    This forum seem to help me a little bit.

    I read that if I want to opertae the module in the US, I sould issue:


     But it gives me an ERROR.

    Whne I issue


    It gives me an OK for a response.


    Does thsi make sense?


    On a second point, is there any simple tutorial I can use to do just simple test to see if I can send an SMS just to give me a confidence that what the module I have works.




    1. For US you should use AT#BND=3. A good learning startup is Telit Modules Software User Guide, which includes SMS handling but you should read up to there too, SIM, network registration etc.