bad data over tcp

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  1. Hello 


    Recently my test device sending giberish data over tcp. it is like random characters.


    I am using GE-865-quad, a server listens for connections and devices registers themselves to the server. There are devices working good with same software.  


     what may be the problem?


    Thank you 

    1. Is hard to say with so few info, I can only guess a software problem somewhere.

      1. I changed python software to send data to my computer and i listened the port with hyper terminal. Device send bad data again. Then i tried same software with another device it sent decent data. So my conclusion is problem is on my device. And i suspect there are bad sectors at device’s ram or tcp buffer or something


        is it possible? 

          1. Problem solved after flashing module. Since i go in trouble flashing i upgraded it to 10.006. Now it sends decent values. 

            My new question what behaviour may cause bad firmware so i can avoid them

          2. Do you use module’s file system? Are your products suffering sudden power loss?

          3. yes i am using module’s file system.

            and yes products often suffering sudden power loss 

          4. Sorry i misunderstood; 

            Sudden power losses are because of development process. 
            There is no sudden power loss during test process