4 thoughts on “AUX UART

  1. I would like to be able to connect the AUX UART of the CS1324A module to separate hardware at non-RS232 levels.

    In order to do this I need access to TX, RX and GND and I need to know their voltage levels.

    How would you recommend doing this? 

    1. This info is in Hardware User Guide of the module. Please try to read the docs yourself, there isn’t much value having such basic questions here.


      Hardware User Guide, the same 4.1 Pinout table already pointed to, CMOS 2.8V.

      1. I am sorry that I have been less than clear.

        My questions concern connecting to the CS1324A – GE865 Interface Board.

        Not the GE865 hardware itself.


        My understanding is that the EVK2 was intended as a testbed, before creating PCBs using the specific modules.

        This is what I am trying to do, use the CS1324A to test connections to other hardware before creating our own PCB.

        I would have thought connecting to the AUX UART would be a fairly common from the CS1324A. However, it appears that soldering is required and before doing this I wanted to ask if you had any other options to propose.


        And while I admit, I have missed things in documentation many times over the years, I think the documentation concerning my question is less than clear.


        Sorry I wasted your time. 

        1. Then EVK User Guide must be inspected, where the same schematic at page 120 shows GE865 TXD_AUX and RXD_AUX routed directly to SO101 pins 2 and 3, so signals here are also CMOS 2.8V.


          Indeed the interface boards are good hardware to start with, even integrate them directly in bigger projects.