Automatically receive APN Settings using a GL865?

2 thoughts on “Automatically receive APN Settings using a GL865?

  1. Hello dear forum members,

    Some time ago I was using an unbranded 3G USB modem. I was surprised when I saw that all APN settings were entered correctly out of the box. After plugging the device to the USB port it connected automatically to the internet.

    So to come right to my question: Does anyone know how this is done using a GL865? Actually I called a contact person at our company’s mobile network provider who told me that these settings are send over the air. However, he couldn’t tell me how this is done neither what I have to do to get this information.

    Has anyone nearer information regarding this topic?

    Best regards!

    1. The automatic APN settings may come from a custom modem firmware or host software (drivers, dialer) database or network service request (via SMS for example) based on SIM MCC, MNC, . There is no automatically magic to perform the APN update.