Automatic network registration after MOD.PowerSaving?

4 thoughts on “Automatic network registration after MOD.PowerSaving?

  1. If the module is without network coverage and enters power save mode (initiated by Python program – MOD.PowerSaving), is it automatically re-register to network or have to be waked-up? 

    1. Yes,

      you could try by yourself disconnecting the antenna, run a script activating Power Saving for a long time (with at#execscr command),  reconnect the antenna and then try to originate a call from another phone to the module under test: it should be reachable and the module should exit from Power Saving. 

  2. I am looking for the fastest way to get to a GPRS connection from connecting power to the GE865 module. I have a Telenor SIM which here in the UK always selects Vodafone. It usually takes around 12 seconds to do this on automatic network selection. I tried using +COPS=1,2, 23415  just after the AT interface becomes live to ask for a manual selection of UK Vodafone but that paradoxically took 18 seconds to register.


    Similarly the GPRS attach takes around 3s is there any way to speed that up?