AT#SSEND packet size

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  1. Hi,


    What is the impact of #SCFG parameter pktSz on data send in command mode with #SSEND command?


    Monitoring with the WireShark shows that data send with each command is retransmited in separate small packets with the same size instead sending one bigger packet with configured size.


    What I should configure to achieve the expected behaviour?


    The device is GE864-QUAD V2. I am attaching data send to the modem – IP address and port are replaced with ***.



    1. Hi Atanas,


      the #SCFG configuration  is applicable to online mode only.

      In command mode the string sent with AT#SSEND is immediately packet and sent out after ctrl-Z

      You can send up to 1500 TCP bytes with AT#SSEND in a single packet.

      1. Hi Andrea,


        Thanks for the prompt reply!


        Can you please add this to the datasheets?


        We spend a lot of time investigating something that should be clearly written in the documentation.


        Except that issue, everything else works pretty well and we are more than happy to replace lwIP with modem build in sockets in our application.