AT#SSEND escaping characters

4 thoughts on “AT#SSEND escaping characters

  1. Hi,


    I wanted to know if there is any way to escape characters from a command mode send.

    Otherwise I cannot use the #SSEND command for data which may contain one of the three special characters.




    1. Hi Alfred, there is no way to escape these special chars, however see AT#SSENDEXT command/operation to send all chars from 0x00 to 0xFF.


      1. Hi Cosmin!


        i didn’t have access to the device in the mean time, thus i could not answer earlier.

        i have tried the command and i think there is a reason, why it is not in the reference manual.  😉 

        it is not supported by the uc864. i dont really understand why…

         according to the corresponding thread in this forum i am using the current firmware.


         greets, alfred 

        1. Yes you are right, it’s not in UC864, hope will find its place here too, is a good addition. Meanwhile you will need to find a way around in your transmission protocol, maybe replacing these chars with a group of others.