AT#SS related question

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  1. GL865-DUAL, FW 10.01.150, under Python control, GPRS with TCP connection to dedicated server. MDM2 is used for GPRS, and MDM is used to check connection and socket status.

    In some places (probably with poor network coverage):

    AT+CREG? return +CREG: 0,1 (unfortunately I do not check received signal strenght)

    AT#SGACT? return #SGACT: 1,0 – connection is closed


    AT#SS=1 return #SS: 1,1,,42574,…,…

    According to AT-command manual and IP Easy, this command is intended especially to check socket status, but in this case this is wrong answer

    and MDM2.send() return -1.

    Any idea?

    1. A temporary loss of radio signal does not necessarly means that sockets are closed, they simply are in a kind of supsen/wait for radio link to come up again; hence  send methods do not accept data because the radio level informs TCP about this. Quite normal, as radio can go up and down without IP being dependent of this.