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  1. Hi,

    The SMTPCFG command for configuring the SMTP port is not working in both GL865 DUAL (10.00.154) and GL865 QUAD V3 (16.00.143). I tried the followin AT commands




    all the above 3 commands returns error. Can sombody help in identying the problem?


      1. Hi,

        Thank you.

        Hope the firmware can be downloaded vi the RS232 port.

        Can u please send me the utility/instruction for downloading the firmware into module.



          1. Hi,

            1. update the GL865 dual with new version 10.00.158. But AT#SMTPCFG commands are not working. (version 10.10.XX or higher is required)

            2. updation failed in GL865 quad V3. (updated with streamGL865-QUAD-V3-16.01.141.bin). screen shot attached. The module is not working now.

            please advice on above poits.


      2. Hi,

        1. I tried to update GL865 Dual with streamGL865-DUAL-10.01.150.bin. continuously getting boot timeout error. screen shot attached.

        (I was able to download version 10.00.158 in this module earlier.) Please comment.

        2.  Can u provide at AT command list for sending an email using


        1. 1. probably you are doing something wrong during upgrade; try also with another PC.

          2. read Telit IP Easy User Guides for examples.

          1. Hi,

            Firmware upgraded in GL865 DUal.

            I was trying to send SSL/TLS autheticated email using the AT commnds (reference: Telit_IP_Easy_User_Guide_r18.pdf & Telit_SSL_TLS_User_Guide_r6.pdf) . But could not succeed.

            1. Can u please list out the AT commands to send SSL/TLS secured email from (password:m2m123m2m).

            2. Also please tell how to generate certificate (for testing/temporary) for SSL/TLS emails.


          2. Please carefully study that document and read in forum, it was discussed related with gmail I think.