AT#SKTOP – after connect is hang up ??

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  1. Hi , all 


    I have GT864-QUAD-PY and GM862 – GPS, 

    I am issuing the setting to connect to my server and yes ,  the GT864-QUAD-PY is connect to my PC using normal RS232 cable and I send data to my server without any problem (no lose or other thing ).. now for  GM862 – GPS,  I have USB to rs232 module , this is a link for the module  – link – the GM862 is powered and switch on – I connect

    GM862 RX to USB – RX

     GM862 Tx to USB – Tx

     GM862 GND to USB – GND 


    and yes from terminal I can send SMS , type differint commands , and the modem replay me with "OK" for each commands


    Im issuing similer commands  for GT864-QUAD-PY  wich make connection to my server  which is as following … 


    replay : OK  

    AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","APN service"

    replay : OK   

    AT#USERID="" // no USername 

    replay : OK   

    AT#PASSW="" // no password 

    replay : OK   


    replay : OK   

     AT#SKTSET = "0,port,"Server IP" , 255 

    replay : OK   


    replay : CONNECT 


    now I should type some data to see it in my server similer to GT864-QUAD-PY 


    but the problem is that the module is not sending any data , and it "hang" stop responce to any thing , I Should switch OFF and again Switch ON to be able type commands again !


    where is my problem please , did I need to Connect any pin’s such as DTR or RTS ???


    please advice and thanks for your modules





    1. By default data traffic needs flow control, if your host doesn’t use disable it with AT&K0.

  2. thanks for your replay 

    I already disable it using AT&K=0 , but still same problem ? 



  3. yes, pull down RTS , and pull up DTR with 47k , solve my problem , for any one who want to use TCP/IP (online mode) you should do that in GM862 , 


    thanks for all