AT#SKTOP – after connect is hang up ??

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  1. Hi , all 


    I have GT864-QUAD-PY and GM862 – GPS, 

    I am issuing the setting to connect to my server and yes ,  the GT864-QUAD-PY is connect to my PC using normal RS232 cable and I send data to my server without any problem (no lose or other thing ).. now for  GM862 – GPS,  I have USB to rs232 module , this is a link for the module  – link – the GM862 is powered and switch on – I connect

    GM862 RX to USB – RX

     GM862 Tx to USB – Tx

     GM862 GND to USB – GND 


    and yes from terminal I can send SMS , type differint commands , and the modem replay me with "OK" for each commands


    Im issuing similer commands  for GT864-QUAD-PY  wich make connection to my server  which is as following … 


    replay : OK  

    AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","APN service"

    replay : OK   

    AT#USERID="" // no USername 

    replay : OK   

    AT#PASSW="" // no password 

    replay : OK   


    replay : OK   

     AT#SKTSET = "0,port,"Server IP" , 255 

    replay : OK   


    replay : CONNECT 


    now I should type some data to see it in my server similer to GT864-QUAD-PY 


    but the problem is that the module is not sending any data , and it "hang" stop responce to any thing , I Should switch OFF and again Switch ON to be able type commands again !


    where is my problem please , did I need to Connect any pin’s such as DTR or RTS ???


    please advice and thanks for your modules





  2. yes, pull down RTS , and pull up DTR with 47k , solve my problem , for any one who want to use TCP/IP (online mode) you should do that in GM862 , 


    thanks for all