AT#PING and AT#FTPGETPKT not available?

5 thoughts on “AT#PING and AT#FTPGETPKT not available?

  1. Hi,


    I recently purchased two GM862-quad units and have been trying them.


    I am impressed!


    However, the AT#FTPGETPKT command simply returns "ERROR" whereas AT#FTPGET works fine with the same file.


    In similar manner, AT#PING also returns "ERROR" while other commands such as AT#QDNS work as described.


    My firmware is 07.03.600


    Does anyone have any idea why these two commands are not working? I have used dozens of other commands and everything else I have tried works very well and as described.


    I am using SELINT=2.


    Best Regards,
    David Kerr


      1. Hi Cosmin, thank you for the fast reply. Do you ever have any sleep?


        I did not realise I was buying "old product". However, it will be more than enough for my project. However, I would like the FTP functionality.


        I have read your FAQ on firmware update, However, other people have had even older firmware than me and Mikroelektronika are not able to help. I think some of the modules they sell have been sitting in their warehouse for a while, thus they have older firmware.


        I do not have access to the download zone.


        So, how can I get the  7.03.601 firmware and the xfp.exe tool?


        Many thanks,

  2. Hi Cosmin, thanks very much.


    I have upgraded the firmware and those commands now work perfectly.


    I have seen a couple of other questions about  module firmware upgrade. So, for the benefit of others:


    a. Even though my main projects involve driving the modules from PIC microcontrollers (running compiled C code), for the firmware upgrade and testing, I made a simple level converter from a MAX232 and 78L05 5V regulator. This only took 10 minutes.


    b. The MAX232 (5V inputs/outputs) drives the module through transistor drivers on a MikroElektronika development board.


    c. The PC was an ASUS netbook. I do most of my work  on Linux but for the upgrade used a dual-boot Windows XP with Xfp.exe tool installed.


     d. I used only Tx, Rx, Gnd and did not bother with RTS/CTS. Speed was 115K and the upgrade took just under 8 minutes.I used a Keyspan 19H usb-serial adaptor set for bulk transfer/high-speed mode. This particular adaptor is one of the better ones in the marketplace. I have others but did not try them as I wanted to minimize risks to the firmware upgrade.


    Best regards,