AT#MONI command explanation

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  1. Hi all


    I am reading the AT Commands Reference Guide, Rev. 11manual, from
    page 289 of 560 onwards. Trying to understand various parameters of

    the AT#MONI command response, such as Power, C1, C2, TA  and RxQual. 


    I find the information given not too well organised, and also inadequate.

    Can you point me to some relevant source, describing these parameters

    in detail?


    Specifically, the value "Power" (RSSI); is it the RSSI at the module, or at the

    base station?




    1. Hi Tom, I think the explanation is clear enough:


      <dBm> – received signal strength in dBm


      RSSI reads Received Signal Strength Indication right, ie at module?

      1. Hi Cosmin


        Thanks, RSSI OK. But the others? Do these refer to some ETSI or similar standards? If yes, can you please point me to them.


         And if you read the said manual between pages 289-290 I get the idea that something might be missing. There is no subparagraph 1. Neither is there any 2a. to 2c.



  2. These are terms from GSM tech world, a manual should have them explained. Here is a site which does a good job despite its demoralizing title Smile, GPS For Dummies, I find it handy.