ATH command

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  1. Hello, I’m Using GL865 for my product and I’m facing something that I believe it’s strange.

    When I make a call (voice) using the command ATD and try to hang-up (ATH) before the destination answers,  I receive the OK response but the call actually doesn’t hang up.

    is this supposed to happen? Is there any way to make instant.

    1. First of all make sure you have only one termination char after the ATD command, any second char can confuse the parser. Then, try AT#CHUP.


      1. AT#CHUP doesn’t work maybe that command isn’t avaiable in this module. Regarding the ATH comand I receive the OK reply from the module, but it doesn’t  disconnect the call.

        1. Try AT+CHUP, please tell firmware version (AT+CGMR), and post a log.


          1. I believe that I’ve solved. That command also works. But my error is that I was checking the status of the call very frequently (CPAS command), and when I sent the command to disconnect it didn’t catch it. So now also the ATH command works.


            I have the  version 10.00.144