AT#FTPTYPE command

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  1. Hi all,


    can anyone explain the practical meaning of the AT command #FTPTYPE? Telit_AT_Commands_Reference_Guide_r13 says on page 405/465 that you can set either binary or ASCII transfer mode. But what are the differences, practically speaking? I guess it is going to be 8 bits anyway, isn´t it?


    Br, Tom

      1. Cosmin,


        thanks for the hint and the link. Wiki is always helpful, but I did not come to think about it in this context.


        This link provides also other useful information about FTP.



        1. One further question: if no AT#FTPTYPE was issued, what default value will be taken; binary or ASCII? That is not stated in the AT command manual.



          1. The default type is ASCII as the FTP protocol RFC says. There are several servers that can be set to use binary as default, not complying with the RFC with this. Clients should set the transfer type for each transfer so the default type is less important.