at#ftpopen – maximum time to get response

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  1. gt863-py with ge864 quadv2 sw 10.00.27


    I need to know if a ftp server is online in a short time.
    If the server is offline, as described in "at command reference guide r17 pag. 31", the maximum response time of the command  "at#ftpopen"  is 100 seconds before receiving the string "error". Can I reduce this value, or is it a fixed value?
    There is another way to know if a ftp server is offline, in a relatively short time?

      1. it seems not work. These are commands that i used (server ftp offline):




        >OK, "user", "password", 0


        …(over 1 minute passed)…




         the same if change timeout values, order, etc.

        1. Fulvio you are right.


          In case the TCP/IP SYN pkt doesn’t receive any answer from the
          server the TCP/IP timeout is burned to 80 seconds and
          cannot be configured thru AT commands.