4 thoughts on “AT+CSQ

  1. What minimum values ??should assume command +CSQ to:


    • send/receive SMS?
    • audio calls?
    • GPRS connection? 


    1. Better use AT#MONI and AT#SERVINFO to get received signal strength and as a guide, in dBm:


      -105 to -100 = Bad/drop call
      -99 to -90 = Getting bad/signal may break up
      -89 to -80 = OK/shouldn’t have problems, but maybe
      -79 to -65 = Good
      Over -65 = Excellent

      1. Good question and informative answer, to be taken as a guideline. Can I assume the same values for GE865 as well, or is there some difference in receiver sensitivity, between older and newer Telit modules?


        Br, Tom

        1. Should be the same, anyway the real values will vary with design, antenna, case, environment etc.