AT+CPOL error

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  1. Hi,

    on a HE910, i’m trying to use the CPOL command to eliminate a provider. I’m able to list the current provider list with AT+CPOL? but when i’m trying to change the list, i have an “operation not allowed” error.

    Ex : AT+CPOL=,2,”333333″,1,0,1

    Ex : AT+CPOL=12,2

    Ex : AT+CPOL=12,2,,1,0,1

    All these are failing. I’ve tried with the modem started, not connected and also when a good connection has been made but nothing works.

    FW = 12.00.326

    Thanks for your help


    1. Hi,

      can you verify your currently AT+CPLS? set up?

      And also check the available CPLS on SIM with


      If your SIM card has no CPLS 0 available (User controlled PLMN) you have no right to modify it