AT+CMUX BUG ?? (GE865 – 10.00.002)

3 thoughts on “AT+CMUX BUG ?? (GE865 – 10.00.002)

  1. After AT+CMUX=0,0<CR>

    modem responds "OK" but

    ignores any SABM(0) commands (even repeated 10 times)

    until it receives <LF> character.

    then it works 

    Sending AT+CMUX=0,0<CR><LF> doesnt help

    To make MUX working  I have to:

    Send AT+CMUX=0,0<CR>

    (modem responds OK)

    Wait 0,5 sec

    Send <LF>

    Send SABM(0) and other MUX session

    My firmware is 10.00.002

    Exactly the same Code for my application

    works with Sagem HiLoNC and uBLOX LEON

    without mentioned problem.

    1. SOLVED

      You have to fix baudrate with IPR=value

       Autobauding and CMUX dont coexist well

      Anyway its a bug because while entering

      any binary protocol DATA/GPRS/MUX

      current baudrate should be frozen,

      and autobauding should be suspended by firmware.

      1. Dear Wojciech,


        you are right IPR must be fixed. Unfortunatly this limitation was removed from latest CMUX User Guide.

        We will fix this on next User Guide.