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  1. Hello everyone,


    I’m trying to determine which are all possible reasons for exiting the powersaving mode. As far as I know, there 2 reasons: RTS or URC.


    So the questions changes into; which are possible URCs?


    I discover in the AT command doc a command name +CIND that obviously can help, but unfortunately, it seems very complicated to me: it seems to be both a read command that displays the values of some indicators, but also a set command dedicated to decide which parameters changes should produce an URC.

    If somebody can help me to understand…


    More generally, is there somewhere a list of all possible URCs?


    Kind regards,





    1. I don’t think someone went through the AT commands doc just to extract the URCs, and what use would have this list? In what way would help you?

      1. Well, when you go into powersaving, you may need to know which are the various possible reason for wake up.

        In other words, If URCs are raised for some events I don’t care to, I would like to disable those URCs, and thus prevent them from waking up the module, so that the battery powered module can run longer.



        1. I think most URCs if not all are disabled by default, so you must know what is enabled, because was done by your application.

          1. Cosmin, 


            here below a part of the at command guide r12 about the +CIND command:


            <state> – registration state
              0 – the indicator is deregistered; there’s no unsolicited result code (+CIEV URC
            automatically sent by the ME to the application, whenever the value of the
            associated indicator changes; the value can be directly queried with +CIND?
              1 – the indicator is registered: an unsolicited result code (+CIEV URC) is
            automatically sent by the ME to the application, whenever the value of the
            associated indicator changes; it is still possible to query the value through
            +CIND? (default)
            Note: When the ME is switched on all of the indicators are in registered mode.


            Reading this, I don"t understand that all URCs are disabled by defaut.

            Thank you for your time.

          2. Yes the indicators are registered but please check AT+CMER, its mode is 0 which means CIEVs are discarded.

            Set +CMER mode 1 with <ind> 2 to have them reported with CIEV, set mode back to 0 to disable them again.