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  1. I test my program and have some problem with delay between AT command.

    what is minimal time ??? all AT command have timeout (datasheet) but my function (ReadData) read data resond from gsm module and wait if finish (no other data are send) , I too have timeout. if try ATA after some command then don’t answered , still ringing. before I test command AT+CPAS and respond is +CPAS: 4 OK.

    what is wrong??? I try this:





    I receive respond and I know what all is doing my GSM module, all work good.

     then I send this :



    respond  +CPAS: 4 OK

    if see from first respond so is incoming call then send :




    respond is  ATA NO CARRER

    I give delay 3s between this command and work but why ? don’t work with out of delay if respond is OK. 

    1. I have a ZE61 which was bought as a discreet module and a ZE51 which was bought combined with a USB dongle.

       According to the Dongle Users Guide, it is programmed according to the Z-One Pro Protocol.

      This is not quite true.

      practice one has to program it using a set of AT commands that are only
      described in the Telit_XE51_61_Test_Stack_Application_Note document.

      What this does, in practice, is to map a sub-set of the Z-One Protocol to a set of Hayes type modem registers.

      I can get 1 dongle to speak to another without any set up at all, they work out of the box.

      The discreet ZE61 is indeed  programmed via the  Z-One Pro Protocol.

      What I need to do and don

      1. Hi. Now I test again and you are right and not.

        I use this in my serial port emulator:




        and answer is :


        #QSS: 2,3
        +CIND: 5,0,1,0,0,0,0,0,5
        #SERVINFO: 43,-65,"EUROTEL-SK","23102",73,0077,02,1,,"II",01,6
        +CPAS: 0

        but if make call into my GE865 then use same command:




         but answer is on first second this:


        #QSS: 2,3
        +CIND: 5,7,1,0,0,0,0,0,4
        #SERVINFO: 43,-66,"EUROTEL-SK","23102",73,0077,01,0
        +CLCC: 1,1,4,0,0,"0910451515",129,""
        +CPAS: 4

        and you can see +CPAS is 4 , why??? and after one second then answer is :


        #QSS: 2,3
        +CIND: 5,6,1,1,0,0,0,0,4
        #SERVINFO: 43,-67,"EUROTEL-SK","23102",73,0077,01,0
        +CLCC: 1,1,4,0,0,"0910451515",129,""
        +CPAS: 3

        what is wrong?