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  1. Hello everybody,


    I have been privately told that the applcation can run on Windows 7, which is actually its natural environment.


    Unfortunately, I am having difficulties in running it and I have to (reluctantly) resort to a dual-boot with WixXP machine, with which I have no problem.


    I have a Win7 64-bit machine and a Win8 64-bit RC one, where I have exactly the same problem. It looks as if the problem is exactly the same, because even the message after the crash is exactly the same.


    The WinXP system is a 32-bit system.


    • First of all, I would appreciate if anyone could confirm to me that there are instances of the utility running on Win 7 64-bit.



    I can confirm that the eclipse environment, with the right JVM, works just fine on the 64 bit machine, which makes the problem even more annoying, of course: I can compile on Win7, but I can’t flash the module.


    On the Win7 environment when the applcation starts the listbox to set the speed of the serial port is completely missing from the window.

    As soon as I try to do anything (like enabling/disabling the application or restoring the default one)  the application crashes for a NULL pointer.


    My guess is that it is trying to get the info from the missing listbox and it doesn’t find it, of course.


    As a possible workaraound, have you got perhaps a command-line version of the flashing tool? Or can the current one be started from the command line with the right parameters?


    Thank you again for your excellent support.


    Best regards 

    1. Hi Marco!


      glad that the new Flash Tool i’ve sent you solved the problem.


      let me know if you have any other questions…

      1. Hi Or!


        Thank you, it works.


        As a possible identification of the problem, I can tell you that, despite the fact that both the versions (32 and 64 bit) of the DevKit are labeled as version 0.2.4 on the dowload page of your website, the file linked to the 64 bit version comes with version 0.2.3 in ts name.


        Indeed the version of the flashing tool you sent to me looks more recent (January 2012 instead of November 2011).


        I hope it helps