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  1. Hi

    It is posible load or create file in G30 module, which will be stored permanently?


    Mayby is possibility  write some settings to eeporm (if G30 has it) or flash?




    1. Hi Tomek,

      We have a designated tool ?? access the G30 File System.
      The tool is a part of he Telit AppZone development package for the G30 and is located under ‘AppZone ToolsTelit AppZone File System Tool’.
      In case you don’t have this tool installed, you can contact me by mail:
      and i will send it to you.

      1. Hi

        Yes, I have this tool, but when I upload some file and power off/on module, the file is missing, it is not saved in G30. 


        I want to save some settings,do I have to use an external eeprom?

        1. The file is supposed to be saved in the module’s file system.

          please try again to save regular something.txt file and see if it saved.

          use the ‘store to G30’ button.

          can you please let me know, what module firmare do you use?

          you can check it by sending ati8i9 command to the module. 


          1. I upgrade to this file G30_G_00.02.43R.fls, I tested file system and is OK, file is stored in module.


            I read that : "AppZone- OpenVpn support, new plugin ver-com.telit.m2m.g30_1.3.14.jar. & new Developer Guide ver 2.1"

            1.Where I find  this plugin and developer guide ver 2.1?

            2.It is posible to set low or high indywidualy rs232 line RTS, CTS etc.?In uart I use only TX and RX, nad I want use RTS, CTS, DTR, etc. as GPIO, it is posible?




          2. Hi Tomek, 


            1. please write me your email or send me a message to ‘’ and i will send you the updated plugin and developer guide.


            2. the RTS, CTS, DTR lines can not be used as GPIO’s.

            you have certain other pins that are designated to be used as GPIO’s.

            We recommend to use full UART (8 lines) but in case you use only TX and RX, it is recommended to connect RTS & DTR lines to the ground.