USB host mode with LE910 v2

6 thoughts on “USB host mode with LE910 v2

  1. Cosmin, Moreno,

    Can the USB interface module be changed so that it operates in USB host mode? If yes, how is this supported by the appzone API?



    1. Hello Peter,

      just to be sure about your question: you wish to connect an external USB device/filesystem and operate it through AppZone?

      1. Hello Moreno,

        Yes, that’s exactly what we had in mind. Apparently it was mentioned in Barcelona that the module would support that. Now, I can’t see anything in appzone that would support that. It’s not so much memory devices we have in mind at the minute more monitoring devices with a USB interface.



        1. As far as I know, LE910 v2 only supports slave mode. Do you remember who you talked to in Barcellona? I’d like to double-check with them

          1. Hi Moreno,

            Our director Henry Brankin spoke with Mats Kring and Ofir Dangur about this.



          2. Ok I think I understand.

            If you go to the Telit website and then Product & Services -> Cellular -> 4G Modules xE910 you can see that there are two similar products, LE910 SERIES (NRND) and LE910 V2 SERIES

            They are based on different technologies and support different features. The latter supports IoT AppZone (as listed in the website) but cant’t support USB host mode. The former most likely supports it but it doesn’t support IoT AppZone