Anti jamming module

4 thoughts on “Anti jamming module

  1. Hello, does a anti jamming capable GSM module exists ? Jamming detection is not very useful if i have only the GSM as communication channel.

    1. Since jamming acts directly on radio waves the best (and only?) remedy is to remove the jamming source. Maybe, if lucky, jamming is only one band and you can change on a not jammed one, or if is an UMTS module, switch technologies.



    2. 1) If you implement periodic GPRS transmision – both ends know something goes wrong. Try to set up a trap for "bad boys"

      2) White-noise jammers have limited range due their power-inefficiency.

      It doesnt help if you want to protect a car, but can be usefull for large building.

      3) Try to create bacup link – some form of internet is present in many places. PSTN, Cable, WiFi , ISM freqs, infra-red ….

      "bad boys" can be taken by suprise

      4) If you are able to detect jamming – react to it – Alarm, lockdown, etc.

      Anyting what could make your object more "fortified"