Antenna detection App note

2 thoughts on “Antenna detection App note

  1. Hi,


    I have read the telit antenna detection app note (r5).  I would like to implement something like this in my design.


    The app note is based on using “commonly found 10K? DC terminated antenna”, but I failed to come across many of theses antenna’s.  These do not seem to be the industry standard for GSM antenna’s.  Can you recommend any, or point me in the right direction?


    Will this work with the GE910 also?  



    1. Hi Donal,


      I understand your doubt. The 10KOhm terminated antenna is not something can be found on  web or catalogues. But it is accommon used in GSM and can be obtained under requestto antenna manufacturer. Most of the well known manufacturer cna be asked for such a customization.