air interface packet capture for cellular modules

2 thoughts on “air interface packet capture for cellular modules

  1. Dear all,

    this question is particularly relevant for Python equipped cellular modules, but can also be of much interest for all cellular modules.

    How can I capture data packets on the air interface (GPRS, EDGE, …), much like WireShark does for the Ethernet interface?

    Is it possible with a release (standard) firmware? Or do I need a debug (development) one?

    Of course I would like to use the same tranceiver module (just like WireShark does), not an external probing module.

    Thanks in advance and kind regards,

     – Fabio

    1. Dear Fabio,


      do you mean TCP_IP packets or any other message?

      Anyway using the IP Easy feature (internal TCP/IP stack)  the packtes are managed internally so you need a specific debug Tool to get internal trace and packets info.


      It is better if you contact us directly at