After 7th consec. PPP connections, module stops to answer AT

7 thoughts on “After 7th consec. PPP connections, module stops to answer AT

  1. Hi,


    We found the bug fix description "After 7th
    consec. PPP connections, module stops to answer AT" in your newest Delta
    SW version 8.01.xx6 – 8.01.xx78 document.


    Is there a workaround for the version 106 and 107.


    Our PPP connect chat script is


    TIMEOUT 10
    ""    "ATZ"
    OK      "ATE0"
    OK      ‘AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","__APN__","",0,0’
    SAY     "Calling UMTS/GPRS"
    TIMEOUT 30
    OK      "ATD*99***1#"
    CONNECT ‘ ‘

     and disconnect chat script


    ‘NO CARRIER-+++c-OK’  ”
    ""            "ATH"
    OK            ”

    are currently running about 50 UC864-G Telit Modules in the industry.
    They have to run and work for long time of period (~ 1 month). Is there
    an AT command or a different solution?


    Best regards


    Christoph Eck

    1. Hi Christoph, you mean the bug hit you, and you are unable to upgrade the modules with the newest firmware?

      A module reboot won’t work? 

      1. We can not update all of the telit modules.


        A module reboot won’t work? 

        How is it possible to reboot the module? The only AT commands I know are


        ATZ and AT#SHDN


        But AT#SHDN says

        > Note: to turn it on again Hardware pin ON/OFF must be tied low.


        I can not turn it on again.

        1. It can be done if you have access to their electronics, but in that case you should be able to upgrade as well I suppose.



          1. Dear Mr Cosmin Buhu


            What is exactly behind this bug? Could you please provide us a more detailed description.


            Thank you for your support.


            Best regards


            Christoph Eck

        2. the module resets by issuing the AT#REBOOT command through
          the communication data port


          (UART data port, the USB CDC Modem port, or the USB
          Data port). Also, by
          controlling the RESET pin in the HW side.