Advice on data throughput

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  1. Hi all,


    I have an application which uses SMS, Voice, and Data. For the data implementation it creates a PDP context and opens a socket using AT commands. Data is then exchanged using the AT commands SSENDEXT and SRECV. The trouble with this is that there are latencies for sending and retrieving data. In the case of sending, an at command is sent, then the modem sends a ‘go ahead’ prompt and then data is transmitted. But this exchange of commands takes time.


    Is there any advice on optimising the use of the modem for maximum data throughput. I understand of course that this is a class 10 GPRS device so I’m know the limitations. My question is how to exploit the device to get the best possible throughput.


    What is Telit’s estimate or benchmark for data throughput using the device over say UDP?




    1. You should tweak packet size and timeouts accordingly with your particular data volumes, see related AT commands.