ADC in H24

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  1. I designed my device expecting to use internal analog to digital converter (according to datasheet H24 has ADC ). But when I started to write application I found that  ADC in H24 doesn’t work. AT commands reference doesn’t have information about ADC and g24’s AT command doesn’t work with H24 either. Now I can’t provide important function to my device because of that bug. Can you tell me why ADC doesn’t work and when you are doing to implement this function in H24?

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        As it is written in AT commands data sheet +CBC can be used to measure modem power  voltage and +MVREF is used to set up reference voltage regulator. But I need to measure external voltage, not power supply of modem. How can I use these commands?

  2. The H24 supports measuring external voltage via the command AT+MMAD (see Developer Guide update attached) from SW version 33.67A few notes regarding using this command:*. In order to measure external voltage, you must be connected to ADC pins 37, 43, 47*. Make sure that External input voltage levels will not exceed 2.9Vdc