Activation failed

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  1. Hi,


    We have some modules at customer that are not able to activate gprs context. After sending AT#SGACT=1,1 there is always response +CME ERROR: 555. The same modem with similar configuration is working in my office without any problem. I have tried service info on both working and non-working and seems to be fairly similar (they are in different places however). The configuration used to initialize them was the same as well.



     #SERVINFO: 80,-73,"Telia","24001",27,08A8,05,1,,"I",01,6



     #SERVINFO: 88,-79,"Telia","24001",60,11A4,00,1,,"I",01,6


    Modem: gm865, fw: 10.00.005 (in both cases)


    There error 555 says only activation failed. What could be the reason that causes this error?  




      1. I understood that AT+CGATT is doing similar functionality as AT#SGACT (with exception that AT#SCGACT allows ‘Easy GPRS’ functionality)

    1. My bad, I missed one letter. What would be the best time to check and activate (with  AT+CGATT) whether or not the GPRS is attached? Just before using AT#SGACT command? 

      1. GPRS attach is a must before activating the context so yes you should verify just before.