1Mb CAN via SPI interface

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  1. Hi Cosmin


    I need to ask if any of Telits customers have reported any issues implementing the recommendations made in the CAN package….ie MCP2515 via SPI interface?


    I posed the question of running dual MCP2515 on the SPI bus to the Linux socketcan email list and some of the feedback suggested it would be better to avoid the SPI interface if wanting to run at 1Mbit.


    Technically this is not a Telit issue…rather a Linux/SPI issue….I just wanted to confirm if any other customers had reported any issues with their implementation?







      If I could add another question….looking at the CAN notes, I noticed the mcp251x driver has been modified:


      # modprobe mcp251x.ko cs=2 irq_gpio=90


      I know this is an award question but I was wondering what the additional parameters are for? given that the mainline driver does not have these parameters.






      1. Hi Bruce, cannot say much on the subject myself. There is a doc called GE863-PRO 3  Linux CAN Package Software User Guide which looks detailed and where can be read:


        mcp251x.ko probing sets as default chip select 0 and GPIO PA29 respectively for SPI
        bus 1 communication and interrupt signal. In order to change these settings, it is
        possible to use optional  cs  and/or  irq_gpio  parameters:
        # modprobe mcp251x.ko cs=2 irq_gpio=90


        Maybe you’ll find some ideas in that document.