1 unfreed int in 1 out of 1 block

6 thoughts on “1 unfreed int in 1 out of 1 block

  1. Hello!


    "1 unfreed int in 1 out of 1 block" 


    What does this message mean?

    Is it important? 


    I see this when starting up an application on a GT865 module 

    1. Are you sure is in the startup and not in the cleanup section?


      # cleanup sys
      # cleanup __builtin__
      # cleanup ints:
      1 unfreed int in 1 out of 1 block 


      Is the last line in the cleanup, maybe it remains buffered somewhere.

          1. No, is a common message, don’t worry.



            not to blame you at all but let me have a general comment here: I have also learned "the hard way" that this particular message was of no importance. Still I don´t know what it tries to say.


            I never found an explanation in Telit´s documentation about this, or any other similar, diagnostic printouts after starting a Python script on the module. While doing my very first Pyhton experiments on a GE865 I found it quite frustrating to wade in the darkness, without much help from the documents.


            "Telit_Easy_Script_Python" doc leaves you pretty alone with these things, like Python Runtime errors that you just have to guess about… Or ask on the Forum.

            Afterwards, they are mostly simple and obvious things, but when you are a newbie, the fence is high with many simultaneous oddities to tackle with. Takes time and faith 🙂


          2. Hey Tom,


            Python is Python, Telit tries in that doc to detail its implementation specifics. If you "google" (what a term) for that message you will find it comes from the finalization of Python engine when clearing the cache, with complicated inner details, and as the other messages are for little importance for the daily Telit Python use.

            I agree the docs have weak points here and there but as everyone can see Telit is making big efforts to improve them with quite frequent revisions.


            And if there are questions still, we are here!