SE150A4 Smart Module Development Kit

SE150A4 smart module evaluation kit.

The SE150A4 smart module leverages Android™ OS and the developers’ kit provides engineers and developers with the tools and resources to take full advantage of the module’s edge processing power, rich multimedia experience and multiple connectivity options (cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® wireless technology and GNSS) in one highly integrated package.

Key Features

TheSE150A4 smart module-based kit is powered by Qualcomm® QCM2150.

  • LCD screen, touch screen
  • Proximity and ambient light sensor
  • Accelerometer (G-Sensor)
  • Two cameras (front/rear)
  • Audio interface
  • Two SIM card holders
  • USB interface
  • Two UART ports available (on USB hub adapter)
  • Four buttons (Power, Reset, VOL+ and VOL-)
  • SD card interface
  • Battery charger
  • For Android 11 and above
User Guides, Documentation, Application Notes and Firmware

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