Virtual Forum: How Leading Semiconductor Manufacturers Leverage Remote Access and Diagnostic Technologies


The emergence of COVID-19 has created dramatic shifts all over the world, especially the high-tech industry. Semiconductor fabrication plants have had to transform their processes in response to this global pandemic by leveraging technologies such as e-diagnostics and remote access services to continue operations without putting their workforce at risk.

In this webinar, “E-Diagnostic and Remote Access Services for SEMI: Surviving COVID-19 and Beyond,” listen as IoT and semiconductor experts from Telit, SEMI, GLOBALFOUNDRIES and ASML share their experiences, challenges, opportunities and best practices and discuss the past, present and future of remote services.

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Featured Clips


Usage pattern changes from "Convenience to Necessary": RTO endorsement [1:08]

ASML initiating OTS "Over-the-Shoulder," augmented reality and anticipate future growth of need for remote connectivity over multiple services (FTP, RTO (Remote Tool Operation) and HTTP). ASML’s anticipated growth of use of secureWISE by service. [4:57]


The problem that secureWISE solves for the semiconductor industry and a brief overview of how Telit secureWISE connects constituent customers (Fabs and OEMs) [3:30]

Data volumes and new secureWISE feature history [3:29]

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