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Populus Fintech wanted to create a comprehensive vehicular telematics platform. With this innovation, the largest insurance companies and public transportation organizations in Latin America could create and customize their own telematic deployments to monitor vehicle health, location, and driver information. With this solution, the company’s customers could avoid taking on large commitments in terms of capital, labor and time that would be necessary to build a similar solution themselves.

Why Telit?

To ride the growing wave of the connected car industry, Populus Fintech knew that it had to select hardware components and a robust backend from which to serve the data. First, the company found Danlaw to be the most fitting hardware provider to supply the OBDII device. Next, Danlaw suggested Telit as Populus Fintech’s IoT services vendor due to Telit’s status as a cellular module provider to Danlaw’s devices. Telit’s combination of a robust IoT application-enablement platform, a comprehensive connectivity management portal to manage cellular connectivity costs and a broad network of industry-leading hardware made the company a natural partner for Populus Fintech.



Populus Fintech’s car telematics platform enables many different types of organizations – automotive fleet managers, connected car manufacturers, public transportation companies, insurers and others – to create a fleet management or usage-based insurance solution that could be customized to adapt to specific needs. The company’s platform enables easy onboarding of many different types of vehicles via simple plug-and-play integration of an OBD-II dongle provided by Danlaw. Management of the system is streamlined through a simple, web-based portal. If Populus Fintech’s customers need a certain adaption to their business model (such as integration of data into a certain phone/web application, cloud-based big data analytics platform or enterprise resource system), they can easily and quickly do so thanks to the flexibility of the solution.


Future Plans

Populus Fintech is looking forward to the benefits of using IoT platform vendor, rather than developing an in-house solution. The company can easily and quickly adapt its product to a number of different industries’ use cases. No matter a vehicle’s point of connection or the database point of integration, Populus Fintech is well-positioned to respond quickly to customers’ needs.

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