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“Millions of customers depend on our towers for cellular connections. We needed a robust and reliable IoT technology provider to help support our delivery of that service.”


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PHI Networks looks to IoT to preempt potential network outages.

Take it from Telit, one of the foremost providers of cellular-based IoT technologies and services: establishing the continuity of service for the cellular towers which make up the foundation of the world’s communications networks is a very, very important job.

Israel-based PHI Networks, a leading MNO and cellular infrastructure and operations management company, trusts the responsibilities of this job to none other than Telit technology assembled and integrated by IoT solution provider GateTel.



2500 sites can be managed much more efficiently with IoT

PHI Networks asked GateTel for a remote monitoring solution that would cut down on the number of service visits out for PHI networks rapidly growing network of over 2500 cellular towers, of which many exist in difficult-to-access remote areas. The capabilities demanded were robust: electricity metering, HVAC monitoring, voltage monitoring of backup batteries, and a security system all managed from a seamless cloud based solution.

Explore the Telit technologies that PHI Networks uses to achieve industry-leading uptime

Cellular networks can’t go down, and neither can the technology of their vendors

Equipped with Telit technologies, GateTel was equipped for the diverse demands of PHI Networks. Starting at the physical edge of the IoT solution, the EZ863H GateTel-designed gateway acts as an aggregation point for data received from the metering, voltage, temperature, and security systems. Inside the gateway rests a Telit AppZone enabled HE910 cellular module. GateTel selected the modules because of strong qualities in product continuity, designability into PCB designs and reliable RF performance.

The module-integrated AppZone environment allows GateTel to save bill of material costs by designing and running applications within the cellular module itself, ensuring competitive RFP costs and saving customers’ budgets for more-robust cloud applications and capabilities.

Designed for IoT developers and integrators, Telit IoT University teaches the skills needed to create, deploy, administer and maintain commercial IoT solutions based on the Telit deviceWISE IoT platform.

Telit IoT Platforms

Data is always accessible through the cloud

GateTel chooses to push data collected from the gateway to the Telit IoT Platform for application enablement, device management, and enterprise integration capabilities. By choosing an outside vendor for platform capabilities they can depend on the Telit partner ecosystem for support and integration capabilities with a number of important cloud systems including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud platform, Watson, and more.

PHI Networks can ensure always-on reliability at reduced cost

PHI networks can rest easy knowing that their network towers are maximizing uptime while operating at a peak efficiency. GateTel-selected electricity metering sensors not only measure current for PHI Networks’ own purposes, but also deliver consumption information back to the power company to double-check on accurate billing practices. Demand-variant billing is enabled a per-tower basis. Voltage meters also check the towers backup battery system, ensuring there is never any unexpected downtime for the 3 or 4 cellular providers that depend on their towers’ infrastructure reliability.

Cooling is a critical part of any network tower station; powerful electronics housed within generate a lot of heat, and are vulnerable to failures if left too hot. Again, GateTel-selected electric current and temperature sensors ensure that all 2500 stations can be monitored remotely, eliminating the need for costly service visits by trained technicians.

The cloud platform makes everyone's jobs easier

The cloud-based functionality ensures that this information is accessible by: the technicians performing installation; PHI networks for ensuring tower uptime; GateTel for support; and the electric companies for billing information. Ultimately, PHI extracts data from Telit platform to their local database to perform analytics and extract business intelligence and trends using a leading business intelligence dashboard tool, QlikView.

As a mobile network operator for a number of leading Israeli Cellular providers and their customers, everything about our service is mission critical. GateTel and Telit are instrumental in doing this in a lower-cost, more automated way.

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