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The partnership with Telit has enabled Kron to accelerate time-to-market for the Konect service because the integration of the Telit IoT platform took less than two weeks.

– Robert Bedicks, Chief Executive



Kron Instrumentos Elétricos has worked in the electricity metering industry for more than 60 years and is a Brazilian provider of automation for about 90% of the country’s shopping centers and intelligent buildings. With presence in Brazil and Latin America through sales representatives and distributors, the company offers solutions in several market segments including energy meters, measurement and protection transformers, analog and digital instruments as well as analog and electrical transducers.

Kron has integrated the Telit IoT Platform to its own Konect smart metering solution. The goal of Konect smart metering is to minimize energy, water and gas costs, as well as to bring together other information such as temperature and the humidity level of the air in various workplace environments.

Kron initially planned to connect existing traditional meters via an Ethernet cable but has instead developed the Konect platform to harness the power of IoT. Now, Kron is starting to integrate Telit’s mobile communication modules to make the product 100% plug-and-play.

Why Telit?

Kron is using Telit’s IoT platform to provide a management service and remote visualization of the Konect solution. The simple integration of the platform helped Kron get the Konect solution to market faster.


“The Telit IoT Platform makes it possible to perform all the necessary adjustments to enable measurements on any device to be accessed in real-time,” says Roberto Bedicks, the Chief Executive of Kron Medidores.



Konect has been developed to enable Kron to innovate once again in a market that has gone through difficulties because of the economic crisis. The solution addresses the demands of many sectors and can boost conscious consumption in industries, commercial buildings, condominiums and shopping centers that want to achieve a holistic view of the business’s utility consumption. That holistic view provides information about monthly energy, water and gas consumption before the end of each month, thereby facilitating better decision-making within organizations.


“The solution presents a new approach to the electricity meters’ market,” says Bedicks. “Konect is extremely versatile and integrates with other devices in automation systems incorporating multiple functions. Energy, one of the major inputs, requires efficient management that results in better production performance and lower expenses, which makes the organization more competitive.”


Another important feature is the meter’s assessment capability. With individual metering of consumption, the enterprise can become aware of the variables of a particular department of a factory, shop, office building, condominium or other site. Employees can also control internal consumption within a retail outlet, for example.


“With the solution, a sectored organizational vision is possible, which leads to better decision-making in order to avoid negative impacts on the energy bill,” adds Bedicks. Konect brings together the capability of measuring electrical parameters and integrates that with other devices present in industrial automation systems, incorporating multiple functions into a single, versatile product.


Kron is looking to market the Konect smart meter in other regions. The company is presenting the technology to distributors in Latin American countries such as Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay and Mexico.

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