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– Frithjof Qvigstad, CTO



There is a global trend toward finding ways to reduce car usage and encourage the use of public transportation. In addition to less congestion on the roads, there are significant environmental benefits. Providing travelers with accurate and relevant information has been shown to make public transportation more attractive and easier to use.

Axentia provides systems for the presentation of real-time information to places where travelers are waiting for a transportation service. The company wanted to create a system that would collect prognosis and timetable data and distribute it via radio broadcasting to any number of displays. That is why they developed the iBus system, which is equipped with Telit modems that are used for maintenance and status reports. With Telit’s connectivity services, Axentia can offer this service to all customers with unbeatable simplicity.

Why Telit?

Axentia chose to partner with Telit because the HE910EUD provides good data performance in a compact footprint, and there are also GPS-enabled versions. Telit also offers data services in all markets with a single point of contact. The IoT platform also provides a powerful tool for handling devices in the field. Telit makes it easier for Axentia to provide service to customers, thereby making it easier for them to purchase and use the iBus system.



iBus displays use low-power technologies to provide at least three years of autonomous operation. They show planned departures from the place where they are mounted. For visually impaired travelers, they can read out the same information using high quality text-to-speech technology.


The Telit HE910 family of modems provide a cost-efficient solution by providing different traffic operators with the requisite features; GSM, 3G and GPS. This makes product management much easier. The fact that there is no need for external power makes installation easier to administrate and complete at a much lower cost compared to the installation of traditional displays.


The new innovative iBus display from Axentia brings a new dimension to public transport information. Real-time information services are now affordable over larger areas, bringing up-to-date information to places where it had previously not been economically viable.

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