Aquarius Spectrum

Providing Real-Time Water Leak Alerts

Working closely with Telit allowed us to be ahead of other competitive solutions.

– Zeev Efrat, CEO



Aquarius Spectrum is a start-up company providing services to urban water management departments in the area of leak detection. This paradigm-breaking system, which is based on acoustic sensors and proprietary logarithms, provides significant savings of water loss at low cost by implementing the new concept of Water Lifecycle Monitoring (WLM).

The network of wireless sensors (GSM) works in combination with unique multi-sensor algorithms. With operation based on distributed signal processing, small data packets for communication, and statistical analysis, the algorithms receive data input from sensors to provide near real-time leak detection alerts in complex networks.

Why Telit?

Operation of the Aquarius Spectrum System requires a precise clock with an accuracy of 1-2 msec. Most similar systems employ a special on-site RF network to achieve accurate measurements. Aquarius Spectrum developed its solution using a Telit GSM Modem and GPS to achieve three goals:

  • Network Independence – The sensors are battery operated. The HE910 has been selected because it provides the most power efficient solution for the transmission of 200KB of measurement data, which comes from fast network acquisition and data transfer.
  • Self-Timing Synchronization – The sensor operation requires synchronous recording of vibration signals and transmission to a data analysis server. GPS 1pps pulses achieve the sub-millisecond time synchronization. The company selected Telit’s SL 869 because it provides very fast synchronization from a cold start.

Easy and Fast Installation – Systems such as Aquarius Spectrum are becoming increasingly viable due to the reduced cost of sensors and cloud-based intelligence systems. The use of GSM for this solution removes the communication barrier and makes it easy to use and install as well as cost effective.



The system provides many benefits including: fully automated automatic analysis; data mining to aid in decision making; low cost per sensor; and online SaaS (Software as a Service to provide expert input.


With Aquarius Spectrum’s unique, multi-layer approach to leak detection, they have created a groundbreaking technology that can help cities minimize their water and maintenance loss. In addition, the online, expert managed system introduces new levels of savings in non-revenue water (NRW) and pipe network maintenance.

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