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There are certain days when your children cannot rely on a singular Wi-Fi connection to stream their favorite YouTuber, so why would a business owner rely on that same connection? Since time immemorial – or at least the early 2000s, cellular networks have been synonymous with uptime; there’s always at least one cellular network working in a given area at a given time. Accelerated is putting that ultimate failover capability in the hands of its bricks-and-mortar customers that demand a backup option for internet connectivity.

Commercial locations of all types need 24/7/365 connectivity to keep their processes running like a well-oiled machine. What’s a digital signage network without media to stream? What’s a point-of-sales solution without an ability to send payments? What’s a smart vending solution without the ability to utilise its smarts? We don’t want to think about it, and fortunately, Accelerated’s customers won’t ever need to find out.

Accelerated Routers

Why Telit?

Accelerated needed a cellular hardware provider with the technology portfolio to enable its global network of enterprise-grade routers to support rapidly increasing demand for high bandwidth data capabilities.

In addition, Accelerated’s router solutions are known for their hot-swappable CORE Plug-In LTE modems, which allow customers to keep the same base router form factor and simply swap hardware components based on regional and technological needs. Accelerated wanted a cellular technology partner that could assure customers that the longevity and technical support for their LTE data card products would continue in parallel with the industry-leading lifespan and adaptability of their router solutions.

Telit was that cellular technology partner.

When companies need a capable partner with years of expertise to help solve the toughest challenges in IoT, they turn to Telit. The broadly certified Telit LE910 V2 mini PCIe LTE Cat 4 data card delivers 150Mbps download speeds for high bandwidth applications like cellular backup routers.

“Continuous connectivity is mission-critical in today’s business environment  – nearly every business aspect benefits from a strong, stable and fast LTE network,” says Tom Butts, the chief executive and founder of Accelerated. “We chose Telit’s LE910 data card because of key LE910’s features, including comprehensive North American Band support and the LE910’s ability to quickly switch between carriers which allows our customers to stock fewer SKUs.”


The 6350-SR and 6330-MX are high-performance, compact and affordable cellular routers offering complete business continuity. Differentiating features include autoswitching between carriers, WAN load balancing, automated failover, and optional Wi-Fi. Customers can upgrade to newer versions of the CORE Plug-In without replacing their routers. The Accelerated CORE 1002-CM Plug-In LTE modem is certified across all four major US carriers.

By choosing the Telit LE910 data card, Accelerated made it possible for its organisation to rapidly respond to market demands. Product management teams can draw far-reaching roadmaps knowing product support and design expertise will be provided by Telit for years to come. The executive team can confidently plan even stronger pushes abroad with the knowledge that Telit releases international variants of their modules sharing a common form factor, meaning no regional device redesign is needed. And customer service representatives rest easy with the knowledge that Telit modules boast market leading radio frequency (RF) performance driven by the most robust R&D network in the industry.

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Enabling Unparalleled Business Continuity

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