The Telit EVB evaluation and development kit lets you evaluate and prototype complete device concepts based on Telit’s cellular embedded modules. Combined with a module-specific adapter (sold separately), Telit EVB exposes module interfaces, allowing you to test your application comfortably.

Telit EVB includes USB (2.0 and 3.0), JTAG, power supply and audio connections to the modules, two SIM card holders, microSD memory card socket, and the ability to switch mode power supply with an external AC adapter and USB to a serial converter. Expansion connectors allow connecting ancillary boards, such as an Ethernet adapter or audio codec, and support future add-on cards using high-speed interfaces. EVB also features On/Off, Reset and SHDN system controls, two LED indicators and I/O connectors such as serial signals, GPIO, SPI, I2C and DVI.

The EVB development kit includes:

  • Main board
  • Socket for target embedded module interface board*
  • Power supply adapter and power cable
  • Micro USB cable
  • Mini USB cable
  • Cellular antenna

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Download EVB Device Development Kit Quick Start Guide

*Must request one or more adapter boards according to needs. Contact your Telit sales representative to order the suitable adapter board.