elliTek, Inc.


elliTek is an established systems integration company emphasizing the latest technological advances to improve the user experience. The latest MES product, the IIoTA™ (Industrial Internet of Things Appliance), is an appliance that utilizes the DeviceWISE firmware and provides manufacturers a secure hardware solution.

Partner Description

More than a decade ago, elliTek established itself as a systems integration company with expertise in motion control and automated machine design and soon gained a reputation for providing solutions allowing dissimilar control platforms to “talk” to each other through the sharing of data.

By accentuating the user experience and then applying technology to make that experience as satisfying as possible, the products and services elliTek provides stand out from the rest. elliTek’s mission is one of empowering individuals so that they can “Make An Impact” on their company and community.

Along with elliTek’s line of MES products, elliTek has a highly experienced systems integration team that knows the benefits of IoT in manufacturing and how to leverage existing assets to gain meaningful insights and unlock efficiencies for real-world solutions.

elliTek’s Engineering Group actively speaks at educational conferences and holds training sessions to further empower manufacturing process managers, control engineers, and IT admins as they work to implement their ideas for driving efficiency in their environments. Considering the new normal, elliTek is working to also offer digital versions of these highly beneficial sessions by way of podcasts, video blogs, and webinars.

Solution Description

The IIoTA™ and IIoTA Mini™ are edge-based appliances that utilize the DeviceWISE firmware and provide manufacturers a secure hardware solution. The IIoTA™ platforms are the same form factor as elliTek’s award-winning Data Commander™ MES Gateway Appliance. The IIoTA™ product line not only incorporates but builds upon all the innovative features the Data Commander™ offered manufacturers. These include the ability to securely move data between plant floor machines and the enterprise-level databases while eliminating the need for a PC, as well as providing easy deployment in minutes vs. days due to the point-and-click nature of the IIoTA™ product line.

The IIoTA™ platform includes an integrated database server which results in an edge-based Industrial IoT system that can be configured to operate 100% stand alone. No enterprise network is required. This allows a stand-alone production line to meet traceability and defect flow-out prevention requirements without implementing a costly network infrastructure.

Additionally, the network response time is not affected by external network traffic allowing end-users the ability to ride-through. Since the IIoTA™ platforms are dedicated appliances, they do not have the vulnerabilities associated with a PC-based server. This results in an ultra-secure and virus/malware adverse platform.

The IIoTA™ when licensed includes elliTek’s Lean Process Workflow Management Software, “Skip Check”. A line-side defect flow-out prevention system can be quickly configured using elliTek’s graphical line layout. It ensures that the proper processes are completed successfully and in order within a multi-operator assembly line.

Another built-in capability the IIoTA™ provides end-users is elliTek’s Dashboard Designer. This drag & drop style dashboard builder can be used to easily create attractive machine monitoring, URL-based dashboards that can be viewed via smartphone, tablet, smart TV, or any viewable device connected to the local network.

The IIoTA™ platforms are designed with end-users in mind. They are stand-alone products. They can connect to multiple machines or devices on the OT (Operation Technology) side and to as many databases as needed on the Enterprise side. Licenses are based upon the number of concurrent OT device connections. Once connected, there is no limit to the amount of data that end-users can attain, leading to only one question- “What will you do with your data?”

Telit Products Used:

  • DeviceWise for Factory – Enterprise

Partner Products

elliTeks IIoTA Telit
IIoTAMini Telit

The point-and-click nature of the IIoTA™ line of products makes them the highest value and lowest cost of implementation for MES. The integrated database server provides true edge-based processing allowing IT ride through during enterprise downtime events. The fully licensed IIoTA™ includes a user-configurable drag & drop dashboard builder and lean process workflow management. All IIoTA™ products are stand-alone, compact and secure appliances.


Top Verticals or Industries

• Agriculture
• Automotive
• Food and Beverage
• Healthcare
• Logistics
• Manufacturing/Industry 4.0
• Oil and Gas
• Pharma
• Security/Surveillance
• Smart Buildings

Top Applications or Functions

  • Asset Tracking
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Energy Management
  • Industrial Automation
  • Predictive Maintenance