Simplify Your Industrial IoT Deployments

Telit OneEdge – Your Pre-Packaged Software Suite Embedded within Industrial Cellular IoT Modules

Make your industrial equipment smarter and safer.

You need to monitor, provision, and manage your industrial equipment, but it can be a challenge to get set up quickly. You need it to be smart. You need it to be connected. You need it to be secure. And you need it up and running quickly.

Telit OneEdge shortens that time by providing all the secure software you need in a prepackaged cellular IoT module designed for building the infrastructure needed to enable equipment manufacturers to offer their customers IoT connectivity for their field equipment. Zero-touch provisioning to get you up and running fast.

Telit OneEdge

Easily make industrial IoT deployments smart, connected, and secured.

Understanding the Opportunities and Navigating the Obstacles

Industrial IoT deployments can be challenging. Making your industrial and heavy equipment wireless, while having visibility into their data output on the edge, while syphoning out only the relevant data can pose many issues.

Having a partner with the experience to understand how to streamline integration, manage those devices and their data, and plug into the global IoT ecosystem brings peace of mind that you can quickly onboard your equipment the right way the first time.

Get your industrial deployment through the most complicated part of the process - The First Mile™ of IoT and beyond.

There are 5 elements to navigating through The First Mile of IoT ™

  • Module
  • Data Management and Onboarding
  • Security
  • Connectivity
  • Enterprise


Telit can take you through each step quickly due to the quick onboarding process we’ve embedded in OneEdge™ . It streamlines the integration from The First Mile to the last.

Telit OneEdge

OneEdge features five core components which combine to provide an all-in-one solution for your industrial cellular IoT challenges.


Greatly simplifies onboarding (zero-touch), remote provisioning and configuration, monitoring and troubleshooting.


Speed deployment, optimize behavior and resource usage, automates most operations involved in connecting to cellular networks, and allows you to define and build your own IoT edge applications.


Configurable and allows seamless data delivery to the enterprise.
Telit OneEdge


Pre-provisioned and personalized at the time of manufacture. OneEdge security includes end-to-end protection of the device, transport and platform.


Includes an integrated SIM with carrier switch options, secure remote provisioning (GSMA compliant), and a fully integrated dashboard for simplified management.

Looking to Future-Proof?
5G Is In Our DNA

5G is coming, and Telit OneEdge is ready. 5G will add network capacity, reduce latency and integrate 4G LTE-M and NB-IoT. 5G will make it much easier to scale your IoT, with support for 100 times the number of connected devices per unit area compared to 4G.


By incorporating OneEdge into every edge device, you will be ready to take advantage of all the benefits of 5G. OneEdge gets you to market fast, allowing you to scale as needed and manage all your devices with ease from a centralized dashboard. Plus, OneEdge is the only IoT system with layered security built in at the point of manufacture, so you can be sure your IoT solution will be fully protected throughout its life cycle.

Telit OneEdge
Ready for a secure, fast industrial IoT deployment?

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